Support the Best Care for South Dakota Patients

94% of South Dakota patients say it’s important to have physicians involved in their healthcare diagnosis and treatment.
Care delivered by non-physicians actually increases patient costs through unnecessary tests, referrals and overprescribing.
Evidence shows removing physician involvement does not increase access to quality care in rural areas.
National interest groups are trying to rewrite South Dakota laws.
These changes would hurt patients.
Reject changes to the physician-led health care team model that would hurt South Dakotans.

Any effort to remove the experience of a physician from a care team hurts South Dakota patients. It’s common sense – and that’s why efforts to do so have been rejected three times.

2021 – REJECTED</p>
<p>2022 – REJECTED</p>
<p>2023 – REJECTED

Reject any effort to remove physicians from the health care team. It does not increase rural health care access. It inflates the cost to the patient. And ultimately, it hurts the patient’s best opportunity for care and treatment.

Three bills.
Three rejections.
Let’s move on.